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Kuk Sool Won

Welcome to Kuk Sool Won™ of Lowestoft and Halesworth. Our family orientated martial art schools are located in the Waveney region of East Suffolk, England.

Established by Martin and Alison Ducker in 1986, both Lowestoft and Halesworth Schools embrace the spirit and traditions of the martial arts. 

At Kuk Sool Won™ we aim to provide our students with a progressive and encouraging environment to help improve their mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Kuk Sool Won™ is a complete system of martial art training with its main focus on self-defence, discipline and respect, as well as incorporating many other aspects of the martial arts.

To find out more about our classes and how our classes could benefit you or your family please call 07908 786278 or fill out our online enquiry form.

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Shugyosha JuJitsu

Shugyosha Ju-Jitsu is an effective combat art which can trace its lineage back to feudal Japan and the origins of the art. Students will first develop striking, blocking and evasion skills before beginning their journey into traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu including, wrist locks, arm locks, throws, sweeps, pressure points, kata, weapon usage/defence and self-defence techniques.

Traditional dojo etiquette will be observed as the student begins to develop their mental state, focusing first on self-confidence and self-control. Once the student has achieved a base level and successfully amalgamated the confidence and control to apply basic technique to a good standard they will progress to the next stage. Our aim is to build our students to the best of their technical and mental ability. Our staggered approach to student learning has proven successful over the years, allowing students to develop at their own pace.

Ju-Jitsu as with all martial arts has a strict code of conduct, based on the above values, which students are expected to uphold and maintain both inside and outside the dojo.

Shugyosha is run by head instructors Renshi Adam Hitcham (5th Dan) Renshi Kevin Gunton (5th Dan) and Tashi Sensei Adam Ridgewell (3rd Dan) they have over 50 years of experience between them. Our instructors are fully qualified with both the Black Dragon Association and The National Martial Arts Committee as well as being instructors for the Great Britain Martial Arts Team. If your looking for a martial arts or self defence club, with an effective award winning system.......Shugyosha is the place for you.

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Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu

Taiken Dojo

Paul Harper, Dai Shihan, black belt 15th Dan - The UK's top Bujinkan practitioner.
For well over 30 years Paul has been faithfully exploring & perfecting Budo (martial arts) as taught in the Hombu Dojo in Japan

This is Kobudo - it predates the combat sports of Judo, Karate & Kendo; it comes from a need to have a wide range of fighting methods and weapons skills at hand at all times.

It includes practice in -
Striking, Throwing, Joint Locks.
Kyusho (weak points) - How to exploit them.
Strategy and Philosophy - for Budo & Life.
Extensive weapons skills - Hanbo (Sanshaku Bo), Jo, Rokushaku Bo, Katana, Shoto, Knife, Yari & Naginata and other smaller weapons such as Jutte, Kusarifundo, Shuriken, etc. - and how best to defend against them.

Newcomers are welcome at any time to visit and watch the training and talk afterwards.

Tuesdays 18:30 - 20:30

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