The East Face Climbing Wall and Bouldering Cave gives you the opportunity to experience your wild side in a safe and friendly environment to learn and develop you climbing skills or have a fun group / party booking with friends and colleagues. Please note - consent forms are required before climbing, please allow time for completing.

Membership From £24.95pm

East Face - Climbing Club (Adults and Juniors)

Our instructors are on hand in these progressive educational sessions those wanting to learn and develop their skills in the sport of rock climbing. The aim of the East Face Climbing Club is to ensure that our members can advance their abilities, skills and knowledge. The Club has 4 progressive levels, each increasing in difficulty.


  • Fit their own harness
  • Tie a 'figure of 8' knot
  • Complete a climb
  • Descend down the wall face


  • Belay with assistance 
  • Rethread a 'figure of 8' and 'stopper knot'
  • Climb a route of your choice
  • Understand and identify types of holds


  • Belay unassisted
  • Climb a grade 4+ route
  • Name the types of moves and technique of climbing
  • Name the items of equipment involved in climbing
  • Coil a rope properly


  • Perform a minimum of 3 advanced techniques
  • Climb a grade 5+ route
  • Maintain and check personal equipment

If you are interested in joining our East Face Climbing Club as a member, please complete the from below.

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£6.50 per session

All session times

Our instructor lead beginner sessions are designed as a fun and educational introduction to climbing. We have a range of sessions available for adults, junior and mixed for parents who would like to experience rock climbing with their sons and daughters.

Climbing Wall session Times

Kids Beginners

  • Mondays 1600-1700
  • Wednesday 1700-1800
  • Thursday 1700-1800 
  • Friday 1700-1800
  • Saturday 1000-1100
  • Sunday 1000-1100

Mixed (Kids and Adults)

  • Mondays 1800-1900
  • Thursday 1800-1900, 1900-2000
  • Friday 1800-1900
  • Saturday 1330-1430

Kids Club

  • Mondays 1700-1800
  • Wednesday 1800-1900
  • Saturday 1100-1200
  • Sunday 1100-1200

Adult Beginner

  • Mondays 1900-2000
  • Wednesday 1900-2000

Adult Club

  • Wednesday 2000-2100


  • Saturday 1430-1530

All sessions are £6.80 each for both adults and juniors. Monthly memberships are also available from £24.95 a month with unlimited session booking privileges (subject to availability).

Once you have completed the neccessary consent forms at the centre you can CLICK the BUTTON  below to book a session online - Please select either CLIMBING CLASS - ADULT BEGINNERS, JUNIOR BEGINNERS or MIXED AGE BEGINNERS)


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Accessing East Face (Climbing and Bouldering)

Getting Started

Experienced Climbers are required to first attend an instructor lead session to demonstrate their skills and be signed off prior to being allowed to use the wall / bouldering cave unsupervised. You will be required to demonstrate that you are competent in the following:

  1. Fitting a harness on yourself and a partner
  2. Tie a reverse threaded figure of eight knot with stopper knot
  3. Effective and safe belaying (including holding a variety of falls)
  4. Safe and effective use of auto-belay systems
  5. Awareness and understanding of our climbing etiquette
  6. Safe bouldering

New to Climbing / Bouldering? Don't worry, simply join our club as a casual member, attend our instructor lead / club sessions and our instructors will develop your skills through all 4 levels and sign you off. Once you have passed level 4 your membership will be updated to allow you to book on the wall / bouldering cave outside of the instructor lead sessions. You are free to climb!

Meet our climbing ambassador

Introducing our Climbing Ambassador - Lily Bird.  

At the age of only 14 she is already competeing regionally and nationaly. She recently competed at the Regional New Kids Master Climbing competition at the climbing centre High Ball, Norwich and came joint 1st!

To find out who our other sporting ambassadors are just click here!

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